Thursday, August 7, 2014

Your Daily Reminder...

My mother and I recently watched "Heaven is for Real." (The little boy in the movie is simply delish, so cute.). My mother was especially touched by the film, citing a message she received from it. 

She said so often we go to church or hear a message, and for that short period of time we "get it." We are kind and patient and living the word of Love. But once we leave that place, we leave behind that kindness, the tenderness and generosity. Our warm hearts turn anxious with the day to day grind we fall back into.

She questioned why this happens. Then she said, we just need to take it with us somehow. But how? She said we need a reminder each day to be that person we were at church, for example.

Well, here is your reminder Mom. And everyone else that struggles with breaking old patterns and bringing joy and love through to each and every day. It takes time to make new habits. But it's totally attainable.

Print this out. Hang it in the kitchen next to the coffee pot. Put it as your phone screensaver. Do something, anything, to keep that feeling ever-present within you. Look at it often to remind yourself of the precious love that is already in your heart. The love that just needs a little nudge sometimes to be reminded of its power and grace and impact on this world. 

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