Thursday, May 21, 2015

I'm a Big Girl now...

"But she's just a child." 

Why do we protect children, try to keep them from any harm or exposure to anything potentially damaging, treat them with care and love and sensitivity? With kindness? We go to great lengths to make sure we "do right" by them. 

Is it their innocence, their lack of hardening? Their newness to this world and all its many facets? Their enthusiasm and grace and naivety? 

What makes adults different? Is it reasoning? Isn't reason just another way to justify our over-analytical minds and endless thoughts?  Is it because we are supposed to be harder? More guarded and bitter? Is it because we expect more? Hide more? Repress and suppress and express and escape better? What makes us so different? 

Aren't we all just little children, in big bodies, programmed and conditioned by life? Walking around, not knowing what the f$@* is going on? Trying to make sense of it all. 

If we strive to treat babies and children with love and all things positive and fluffy, would it not be wise and appropriate to use that as a precedent for all beings? Deep inside, we are all our inner children. Grown-up in adult suits and armor, playing out our roles in the world with precision, protecting our little selves with all we've got. Trying to limit our exposure and vulnerabilities. 

Is that what makes us different? Our desire to hide our raw and true self? Our mechanisms to build walls - skyscrapers even - to keep pain out? We have lost a special knowing along the way.  Children recognize the limitless world of abundance, love and joy we all share together on our journeys.  

Doesn't sound to me like we are any better prepared, equipped or ready to handle pain than children. Maybe, I would surmise, we are even less protected and prepared.  

Note to self: treat all beings as I would a dear, beautiful child or baby.  With delicate care and unconditional love.  This includes ourselves.