Thursday, June 9, 2016

Gimme a sign: It's all about Confession

Photo Courtesy of Form and Funktion

I was sitting in the office of a local church, anxiously participating in my interview so I am able to baptize my daughter next month.  I was born into the Catholic faith, but over the years I have walked away from religion and towards love and spirituality.  Still, my other two girls are baptized, it means a lot to the family, and I do find value in the sacrament and tradition on several levels. 

In my jerky, nervous manner, I threw my hand up and one of the golden spinner rings on my most-favorite pinky ring went flying through the air.  I heard it hit the shelf behind me. The gold ring wraps around the larger silver ring that houses it, and is really very, very small. I knew it would be hard to find but once the interviewer stopped speaking, I got up to look for it.  After a few moments, much to my surprise, I found it.

I paused. "Let's see where it landed," I said to the woman.  (shaking my head) I laughed. The pamphlet it landed on was about the importance of confession. "Ah, confession," I said to her. She laughed and said, "must be a sign," after learning some basics about me and my very non-traditional life during the interview. I happened to agree with her on this one.

I'm all about taking and receiving signs and messages from the unseen. And this was no different.  Even though I don't believe in religious institutions anymore as a general rule, I can still receive messages anywhere I go.  It just so happens this pinky ring is very special to me.  The woman that handcrafts the jewelry is an absolute doll, someone I admire and love. Her jewelry carries with it the intention she infuses inside, for the wearer to feel empowered and unique.  Her Etsy Shop slogan is, jewelry that reflects the genuine youAnd I have to admit, I feel differently when I put on my rings she has made (I have a few! I love them!). I feel much better than when I am not wearing them.  My point? This jewelry is special to me, and lately I have noticed more and more how much it means to me and how it makes me feel. So losing the gold spinner ring just felt like I should take note as to why. 

Seeing as I assumed I didn't believe in "confession" in the way that the church does, I decided to google the word. I found a few definitions that stated confession was about admitting one's guilt of wrong doing or crime, shame or embarrassment.  Shame is one of the lowest level frequencies we can experience, it's like poison for our bodies and souls.  While I dont agree with admitting our "wrong-doings" in the sense that we are admitting we are "bad," I do agree we need to release ourselves from the guilt and shame we carry within us.  And this happens to be a message I have been receiving from multiple sources lately.  Forgiveness.  Absolution.  Confession is defined as a formal admission of one's sins with repentance and desire of absolution.

Well isn't that beautiful. 

In order to move forward in our lives, we need to free ourselves from the past and the heavy weight we carry around in the form of pain, guilt, shame and judgment. Let's finally face ourselves; give ourselves the opportunity to admit our feelings, to acknowledge them, feel them out and let them go (absolve them).  It's about acceptance and forgiveness.  We accept what has been, forgive ourselves, and move into what is right now in a whole, loving way.

This was yet another confirmation of the power of forgiveness and our choice in every moment to choose our thoughts and shape our lives.  

Perhaps we can all make it a regular "tradition" to Confess.  A sacred act of acceptance and forgiveness.  Just the kind of self-love we need to detox from the poisons we feed ourselves  to start fresh and light and free.  

Yes, little gold ring.  I may not be "religious," but I now see the importance of Confession in my own life and in my own way. And that's all it's ever about, finding ways to live authentically, navigating life on your terms and feeling good.  Finding love and light and freedom amid the "jungle" of human life. 

*Keep your eyes and ears open. Signs and messages fall upon us all the time.  Important messages will show up in a variety of ways and several times in a row, validating you are hearing something worth taking the time to reflect on.