Thursday, September 26, 2013

It's cloudy and heavy outside... and inside.

It is cloudy and dense outside, a thick and tense feeling in the air.  The external pressure is heavy.  Internally, my body and mind mimics the outside. I wonder, is it the weather dictacting my mood or is my mood dictating how I perceive the outside world? 

I don't particularly like being in a "funk," as I am sure anyone wouldn't.  I tried all my usual tactics to remove the fog from my mind and tension from my heavy heart. I had a most delicious Starbucks Soy Chai Tea Latte.  I listened to uplifting, heart-opening podcasts.  Checked emails.  Prepared for my morning meeting with a local businessman, taking the time and care to dress up (I spend most of my time in sweatpants on an average day unless I am seeing a client).

Nothing was really working.  The sky remained gray, humidity filling the cool air.  My body remained lethargic and felt like a ton of bricks I was dragging behind me.  My voice was quiet.  I moved around slowly while rushing at the very same time.  A paradox much like the warm humidity mixing with the cool temperature of the air.

It was not until after I had my morning meeting that I began to slowly realize that perhaps, in some small way, I was trying to run away from the inside...and the outside.  In my attempts to pull myself out of the "funk," I was looking for a bandaid rather than a cure.  It is in these moments we are given an opportunity to really feel ourselves out to see what is going on.  Take inventory of the feelings, thoughts and moods.  In everything lies a teacher, a lesson.  In every "funk" lies truth that is our own, yet universal.

The sun does not shine everyday.  And just the same, it is quite frivolous to think - or expect - that there will be sunshine inside ourselves everyday.  There must be days of rest (all too few in my world, which perhaps may be the precursor to my overall slump today) and reflection.  The yin and yang.

When we begin to pay attention to ourselves - our body, mind and spirit - we can peel away the layers we build on top of one another to reveal the truth beneath.  Maybe it's not about racing to feel better, but rather the process of accepting what is and letting it move through us.  We are not required to have great days everyday.  We are not made to smile every moment of every day.  We are, afterall, quite Human... and inevitably, we will have ups and downs and inbetweens.  Our bodies are not pieces of machinery... they need rest, energy, fuel, nourishment.  Sometimes we catch colds, or the flu.

Just another reminder that life is dynamic, and ever-changing.  While some things stay constant, others are evolving constantly. And we are no different.  And in that, I find peace and tranquility.  Most of all, acceptance and love.  Love for myself, love for life and what is.  Love for the gray, thick sky and the dense fog that is a superb representation of me in this moment.  Appreciation that I am here today, to share this and to experience this lull.

I feel lighter, amidst the heaviness.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Albert Einstein Quote...

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.
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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Clever organization tactic

For all those busy moms or working people out there... If you're anything like me you sometimes struggle with organization, especially of your thoughts and notes or to dos throughout the day. 

With so much to do and remember, always on the go, I often find myself texting myself notes to my computer for reference at a later time. It seems like a great idea. And it works sometimes. But then - remembering a thought or note from weeks prior can be rather grueling to dig up. Scanning hundreds or even thousands of messages in search of "the one."  On occasion my search turns up fruitless. 

I was sending myself some notes tonight. And then. An aha moment. How about a new twist on an already invented system?  Yes. It occurred to me tonight to take twitter's hashtag system and apply it to my own jumbled "tweets" of life. So clever, I thought to myself.

With a hashtag or symbol, I - or you - can easily search your computer or iPad or whatever device you use for something you want to find. 

For example- I often send myself songs or lyrics to look up on iTunes. Easy enough ... #song.  Notes I want to incorporate into my developing book ... #book.  Something I want to remember to buy.. #shop.  Nice. Simple. And oh so clever. 

I bet I will never lose a note, or thought, again! 

Unless I forget the hashtag :)

The Benefit of Journaling

I received an email from a dear friend today.  We had been collaborating on a project (TBA) a few years back.  The ball was dropped... and the project never took off.  Just this week, we reconnected and decided to pick up where we left off on that project (so exciting).

Here's a blurb from her email: Wow!  There's really nothing like looking back at things we're written to show us where we are, where we're been and how much work we've done to shift perspective.  I hope you're patting yourself on the back because - damn!  That's massive!

And she's right.  Looking back on the project, so much has changed within my life, and within my heart and spirit, that I can literally see - so clearly - and realize just how much I have grown in the last few years.  And journaling does just that for you.  It gives you a reference point.  Something to look back on, something tangible... evidence of what once was.

What a great way to not only add a voice to your daily happenings, but to also watch the progression of your journey.  The ups, the downs... and the inbetween moments that sometimes get lost in the hustle and bustle we encounter on our paths.

Journaling is also an amazing tool to sift through all the "stuff" in your mind, to get it out there and work through it.  To process it all, then move past it and leave it be on the pages of your journal so it doesn't get "stuck" inside you.

Happy Tuesday, all... and happy Journaling!


Monday, September 23, 2013

Intuition & Synchronicity

The more that we become in tune with our bodies, the more that we are aware of our spirits inside those bodies... the more our intuition becomes obvious and tangible.

Physical feelings can rise inside our bodies, in our gut, tension in our shoulders, neck and back, tingling sensations or tightness in our chests, changes in our breathing pattern.  These are all physical reactions to our intuition's silent nudging.

What's more, once we join that intuition in harmony and alignment, synchronicity begins.  What would normally be considered a mere "coincidence" soon becomes suspiciously common. More and more, people and things begin to crop up in our lives that are interconnected with our intentions.  Once we open ourselves up to this magnificence, our worlds begin to shift.

The more aware, awake and open we are... the more our intuition speaks to us in a clear way, the more we recognize that voice... and the more our worlds begin to truly, truly make sense.

And all is beautiful and wonderful.

Art by PictureItSouthern

Inspiration for the day....

It is time to dream... to create... to inspire... and to believe.  Have a most beautiful day dreaming, creating, inspiring and believing! xo