Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Benefit of Journaling

I received an email from a dear friend today.  We had been collaborating on a project (TBA) a few years back.  The ball was dropped... and the project never took off.  Just this week, we reconnected and decided to pick up where we left off on that project (so exciting).

Here's a blurb from her email: Wow!  There's really nothing like looking back at things we're written to show us where we are, where we're been and how much work we've done to shift perspective.  I hope you're patting yourself on the back because - damn!  That's massive!

And she's right.  Looking back on the project, so much has changed within my life, and within my heart and spirit, that I can literally see - so clearly - and realize just how much I have grown in the last few years.  And journaling does just that for you.  It gives you a reference point.  Something to look back on, something tangible... evidence of what once was.

What a great way to not only add a voice to your daily happenings, but to also watch the progression of your journey.  The ups, the downs... and the inbetween moments that sometimes get lost in the hustle and bustle we encounter on our paths.

Journaling is also an amazing tool to sift through all the "stuff" in your mind, to get it out there and work through it.  To process it all, then move past it and leave it be on the pages of your journal so it doesn't get "stuck" inside you.

Happy Tuesday, all... and happy Journaling!


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