Monday, September 23, 2013

Intuition & Synchronicity

The more that we become in tune with our bodies, the more that we are aware of our spirits inside those bodies... the more our intuition becomes obvious and tangible.

Physical feelings can rise inside our bodies, in our gut, tension in our shoulders, neck and back, tingling sensations or tightness in our chests, changes in our breathing pattern.  These are all physical reactions to our intuition's silent nudging.

What's more, once we join that intuition in harmony and alignment, synchronicity begins.  What would normally be considered a mere "coincidence" soon becomes suspiciously common. More and more, people and things begin to crop up in our lives that are interconnected with our intentions.  Once we open ourselves up to this magnificence, our worlds begin to shift.

The more aware, awake and open we are... the more our intuition speaks to us in a clear way, the more we recognize that voice... and the more our worlds begin to truly, truly make sense.

And all is beautiful and wonderful.

Art by PictureItSouthern

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  1. Sooo true... I have been experiencing synchronicity in amazing ways!