Friday, August 22, 2014

The coffin...

So many nights, I lay in bed and get comfy. I lay flat on my back and my hands naturally meet each other at my navel. Every single time this happens, I envision myself in a coffin, and at a funeral and I am totally creeped out. (Yes. This just happened to me right now.)

I'm not sure why this happens to me but it is a high shock-value reminder to me that everyone dies from this physical world. And I am part of that "everyone" whether I like it or not (which I don't).  

Though the only time in my life I ever came close to a panic attack was when I made myself "feel" what it would be like to face death - that moment before, knowing it was happening - it has been a recurring theme throughout my 30 somewhat years that the thought of dying catapults me into major gratitude and inner reflection. (That was a really long sentence - sorry!) Not only do I feel grateful to have this special gift of life, but it allows me to weigh dramas by this very equation: if I were to die today, would "this" still bother me? Would I spend any time thinking about it, being upset about it or addressing it? If not... Why am I now?  Is this moment any less valuable than my last?

Since we do not know when it's our time, or anyone else's for that matter, I find it rather silly we fall back into the human drama trap so frequently. And by drama I mean anything that consumes us emotionally. 

Let my freaky vision be your reminder to live full today. And love full today. And to weigh your dramas against the scales of what's really important. 

Show up. And give it your all.  This is your very precious life.  And today (right now) is all you have. Spend it in joy. 


Sweetest dreams, 'night all. 

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