Monday, October 1, 2018

What would you do?

I was picking my daughter up from Pre-K. 

We walked back to the car, and I heard screaming.  The type of absolute blood-curdling hysterics you hear in Horror flicks. I wasn't sure if it was someone playing, or seriously freaking out.

I look around and see a boy riding his bike with two dogs next to him.  At first glance, it looked like they were taking a nice ride together.  But the boy was screaming, "Stop! Stop! Please stop!" 

I processed what was happening as fast as I could, got my daugther in the car, and we drove up where I last saw the boy and two dogs.

There was a large parking lot attached to a Jewish Center, and I thought how lucky he and the dogs would be if they went in there... the road they were on was a main road leading to the highway. The dogs were small and fast and running erratically and could easily run out in the road and get hit by a car. 

I saw something white zip around the parking lot.  I pulled in and as I pulled up, I saw the boy sitting on the ground, and two women trying to herd the dogs in. The dogs were obviously upset, scared and in fight or flight. I searched the car for a kennel lead (leash) and walked over. I handed one of the women the lead and she looped one dog while the other woman tried to get the other dog.  The boy had been screaming asking for help, he couldn't hold them and was visibly exhausted (emotionally and physically). A woman helping asked me if the boy could use my phone to call his mom. I was about to walk back to my car to grab it when we heard him say, "Mom!" 

She was riding over, with a trailer attached to her bike. 

The mother attached leashes to the dogs, and they instantly became more comfortable and one of them even jumped up on my leg for some petting. She brought them over onto the trailer, and thanked us all. 

The boy looked completely defeated. Tears ran down his face. 

I said, "Are you ok?"

He looked at me and said, "Yes... are you okay?"

Imagine that? This boy that just went through absolute hell and fearing the worst of watching his two dogs die, asked me if I was OK.  

The situation was over. Although it only lasted a few moments, it had a profound impact on my day and mindframe. 

There ARE people willing to help. 
There ARE people that care. 

People COME TOGETHER in times of need without asking for anything in return, without even second guessing whether they should help or not.  

We ARE there for one another.

Maybe you were at work. Maybe you were home. Maybe you were at the store. Maybe you were someplace else, not at this place at this time. And maybe, you don't realize there are people out there willing to help YOU, that have giant hearts and compassionate spirits. Maybe that person is you. 

Just because we do not witness something does not mean it isnt happening right now in this very moment.  If you do not see it, does not mean it isn't real. 

Right now, someone is helping another person. Some one is lending a hand, a heart, a hug.... 

If we are not looking, we may miss all the beauty around us in each and every moment. All the beauty and love inside the people we share this planet with. 

Our focus dictates EVERYTHING.  What we focus on, we are brought validation for.  I have learned this lesson the hard way the last few months and have been getting messages and validation around it for days now.  The simple act of noticing the problems cropping up for me, ended up bringing me more problems to the point where I was not even surprised anymore when something "bad" happened.  But that attitude (always something, I am not even surprised by this) kept me in a cycle where bad got worse, and I was left totally empty. In so many ways. At this very low point, I realized... focus.  Focus is key. Focus is how the laws of the Universe work. 

If you think people are bad, you are never going to get to experience that heart-warming (albeit nerve-wracking) moment where people come together for another. Without question. Without hesitation. With nothing but love in their hearts. 

The world is NOT a bad place. 
People are NOT BAD.  

And there is evidence of this all over. In each moment.

Today, I want to honor and thank YOU for the beautiful person that you are. And your individual presence in the collective spirit of all things, weaving this gorgeous tapestry that makes up our beautiful world. 


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