Thursday, May 25, 2017

Thanks, Mom...

Today I am going to give a huge shout-out to my Mother.  

The woman that brought me into this world continues to remind me of why I am here in the first place... She has become (perhaps always was) one of my greatest support systems, friends and teachers. 

Life is not always easy. And lately, my life has challenged me in so many ways there are days I feel like it's so far ahead of me I cannot catch up. 

I often get overwhelmed by what is going on around me, my external world, and become defeated and fear-based. Little by little, I lose the glimmer of hope that normally keeps me going. I let people steal my power, my sparkle and my shine. I let a lack of sleep interfere in my normal joy and tolerance. I let life's challenges chip away at my strength, resilience and determination. And slowly, I fall.  And hard.

I was having a particularly overwhelming day yesterday. I said, "I've just had it with everyone and everything." (can you relate to this feeling?)

She looked at me straight in the face, serious as can be, with so much passion and emphasis on what she said, she seemed emotional. She said, "Camille, you have so much to accomplish still in your life. Do NOT let anyone or anything get in the way of that." 

It was maybe the first time anyone has ever said that to me. Maybe, it was the way she said it that stopped me dead in my tracks. I am not positive why it was so impactful but it literally felt like time stopped for a second. It felt as though she froze time, grabbed the run-away train and put it back on course after being derailed, and I was just observing this from the outside.


I do have so much to accomplish.  

I have so much life to live. And here I am, giving my power away to everyone and everything outside of myself.  Allowing "life" to dictate how I feel, where I go, and how far I get. Letting other people and circumstances determine my value and worth. Whether I feel good or bad. Forgetting why I'm here in the first place.

I came here with a very specific life we all did. I have lessons to learn, missions to accomplish. We all do. But when we are too busy playing victim, or giving our power away, we cannot live the life we intended to or become the people we are meant to be. 

We must take ownership, fully, and step back into our own Power. We have so much life left to live, and so many things to accomplish. So much joy and love to share and experience. So many opportunities, lessons, insights to gain. Don't lose sight of that. Do not forget that you came here for a reason...and that reason was never to give it all away or shrink away because of people, places or things outside of you. 

Make the choice today to remember why you are here. 
To remember that you have the Power and the power is in those (your) choices. 
Start living. Fully. Today.

And when you fall (which we all do), pick yourself back up.

Let me remind you today what my Mother reminded me of... 

You have so much to accomplish in this life. 
Do not let anyone or anything interfere in that. 
Stay on track, keep going. 
It's so worth it. And you are so worth it.

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