Sunday, September 28, 2014

Knowing = action.

I get so many emails - many that are promotional that clog up the inbox - that I admit, with the little time I have, I don't read much. Most I leave or "save" for another day (which never comes and so I have 15,000 unread emails I am "saving"). Well, the other day I strayed from my norm and opened an email from the Daily Love with Mastin Kipp. I scanned the email body, and happened upon a very simple sentence that touched me in a deep and profound way. 

I'll include the whole section to put it into context but I will highlight the part that spoke to me in bold:

"Instead of trying to think your way into a new way of action, it’s time to act your way into a new way of thinking.


It’s about risking. It’s about taking the adventure. It’s about letting go of the need to be comfortable and embracing the unknown.


Many people think they know this – but in fact they do not.




Because if you want to look at what you actually know – look at your actions.


There’s a difference between understanding something and knowing it.


We all understand lots of stuff. However, we may or may not actually know it.


That’s why it’s vital to begin to put into action the life that we want. That’s why we must begin to put our butt on the line and turn the fear that that brings into a fuel to push us forward."

Whoa. It occurred to me at that very moment that I sure thought I "knew" a lot, but really - maybe - I just understand it. So often I am aware of things yet I find reasons to be content and not "act" on them. I feel like I can do it when the time is right, or when I feel like it. No rush. 

I would willingly give advice to a friend, so sure of the words I choose, yet I don't always act on those words in my own life. 

Mastin is right. Big time. There's a big difference between something living in your head and living in action. If you want to know where you're at, look not at what you say (or "know") but what you do. 

If you're like me and you find yourself living more with words than actions in certain areas of your life, I challenge you to question why

Mastin says, "That’s why it’s vital to begin to put into action the life that we want. That’s why we must begin to put our butt on the line and turn the fear that that brings into a fuel to push us forward. 

You see – fear is just that – fuel for your journey. When you are scared, when you butt is on the line – that brings forward a different kind of energy, a different kind of action from our souls.


We are stirred into action. We bring forward deep gifts and creativity we didn’t know we had. And none of this can be found within your comfort zone."


Fear. Being afraid is "why."  For me anyway. And Mastin agrees. Though he makes it sound so easy, so matter of fact. I don't find that to necessarily always be accurate. It's not always easy. Sometimes it feels impossible to turn fear to fuel when it's deep seeded or not fully realized. 

Fear can disguise itself as many different things. He is a master magician and manipulator  (Sorry Fellas, but "fear" felt masculine). A puppeteer of sorts. 

My fear hides in contentment. He buries away under "eh, another day. I'm fine. No rush. I can always do it when I need to."

But now that I was reminded of this very fundamental concept, it's time to turn words to actions. Time to "put my butt on the line" as Mastin so eloquently stated. 

Your homework: 

Contemplate this:  is there something in your life that you understand but don't know (act on)? How is fear hiding in your life? What do your actions tell you about where you're at? 

Then do this: Baby steps, darling.  One little baby step at a time. That's all action is. One on top of another. Forward movement in alignment with who you are (the real you). Choose a tiny baby step out of your comfort zone (I'll do it, too!) and take note of how it feels, what happens as a result, etc. 

I would love to hear about your fears, the step you take and how it felt taking it, if you feel comfortable enough to share!  Comment here or email me at 



  1. Reading this made my day! It reminds me to confront my fears and never give up. I always seem to give up on my goals because of my anxiety's and it seems not to go away. I hate it and I get scared to do my goals but I don't want to give up because I know God has something good in store for me. It's just hard sometimes, but I wont give up. Reading your article about fear encouraged me to keep going and it's not always a bad thing :) thank you so much. Your awesome and amazing <3 thanks angel

  2. I hope this finds you shining and growing and expanding and enjoying life... I apologize for the delay, I did not see this comment. YOU are amazing and awesome!! <3