Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Cherish the everyday moments...

I had shared an Instagram video on Facebook yesterday and went on (which I rarely do these days) last night to edit the hashtags. I watched the video then hit something on the screen by accident. It brought me to a video I posted years ago when I was more active, personally, on Facebook.

From a video of my Rottie, Raja, jumping through the snow when I lived in my co-op, to a video of my eldest daughter when she was just a few years old, singing, to a video of my late Rottweiler, Ursa, playing in the snow... one by one, I watched the videos with major nostalgia

It was at that moment that I truly realized how the small, everyday moments are what really create our life. These are the memories that we make, the feelings we take with us, the laughter and joy and tears and pain. All of it.  At the time, our everyday lives may seem insignificant or mundane, but these moments become buried treasures. Once uncovered, they gift us with access to true, priceless gems. 

Sure, at the time I took a video of my dog playing, I was laughing and enjoying myself. Or when I recorded my daughter singing to a cartoon on TV, I thought it was uber cute.  But finding those videos last night really warmed my heart, and I felt like I recovered a lost part of my journey. I had forgotten all about those moments. And I was able to appreciate them so fully, for the beauty I had surrounding me. And all the love. 

Now that my Ursa girl has passed on, and it's been many years since, or my daughter has been growing up so fast, I can look back and realize that perhaps I could have been more grateful for what was right in front of me... all the time. Not just some of the time.  I could have been more present. I could have showed up more fully. Normally I don't encourage use of the words, "should, would, could" but in this case, looking back, that lesson was really driven home for me.

Cherish the Everyday Moments...
Cherish the everyday moments...they are the moments that slip away, that we wish we could relive once they are over. How I would just jump at the opportunity to play with Ursa one more time, or snuggle with my daughter when she was my only child and we had all the time in the world to be together one-on-one. 

It may seem difficult when we are faced with busy lives and messes, spread thin, or overcoming obstacles and stress, to be mindful, present and live fully in each moment - especially when those days seems humdrum or less than exciting or fulfilling.  But there is always something to be grateful for. There is definitely something we have right now that one day we may miss and wish we still had

Life moves on; it is always evolving and so are we. Presence and gratitude are two keys to a life lived with more joy, peace, love and fulfillment. These everyday moments are what make up the tapestry of who we are, and our great adventure on this fascinating planet in our miraculous, beautiful bodies. 

Today, I encourage you to cherish the everyday moments. Be fully present and aware, as much as you can be. Keep practicing and it becomes easier and easier to access this mindful space where love and beauty are the focus and feelings that surround you.

I may have come across those videos by accident, and while they brought me some sadness, I know that it was not a coincident that I stumbled across them.  I was meant to take home this message, and to share it. To remember to truly cherish all that is, as it is. 🙏

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