Thursday, December 8, 2016

What Would LOVE Do?

I invite you to stop frequently throughout the day today and question: What would Love do? Question your intentions, listen for the whispers of your Heart and Soul. Pause long enough to hear the silence as it speaks to you.

Angry at someone?  Ask yourself, what would Love do? How would you act if you were acting purely out of Love and not fear or ego? Would you still be angry?  Use this technique to uncover your real feelings and core issues that lie deep beneath the surface anger.

Frustrated with your life or a current situation?  Ask yourself, what would Love do? If you were to view this circumstance with eyes of Love and pure light energy, would you see it differently? Is there a way to find opportunity in this challenge presenting itself? Life happens for you, not to you.  Everything is a mirror, showing you ways you can grow and learn more about yourself. Is there a way you can find appreciation for your circumstance, rather than create more tension around it? Remember, your thoughts and beliefs become your tomorrow.

Feeling insecure or not worthy?  Ask yourself, what would Love do? How does God see you? How does your Inner Being, your Higher Divine Being see you? If you were to see yourself in this way, you would just fall in absolute love with all that you are (and aren’t).  Even your “flaws” are perfectly suited for your life’s mission(s) and purpose.  You are a masterpiece, crafted in pure Loving energy. The non-physical part of you just adores your “human.”  You’re quite a character, you know? Really.  You’re fabulous.  Start believing it.

Don’t have a Love life? Think again.  Be your own "Someone Special", first and foremost.  Give yourself the Love and attention you crave.  Teach others how to treat you by how well you treat yourself.  Then, extend that love out into the world through Kindness and Compassion.

Today (and everyday), try to appreciate all the Love that there is in your life, no matter how that looks: kids, friends, family, loved ones, spouses or significant others, animals, businesses, hobbies, passions… the list is endless.  Love takes so many different forms.  If we look close enough, we will see so many examples of how much Love we have right Now.  And don’t forget to take time to treat someone special (YOU) to some extra TLC. The world will be a brighter place: the better you feel, the bigger your shine. The bigger your shine, the greater positive impact you have on the whole of humanity. We all need you to continually ask yourself, what would Love do? 

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