Sunday, August 28, 2016

[Audio blog] Good morning, Port Jeff...

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...And slowly something awakens within us. Something intangible, but so very real. We yawn and shake off our slumber. And our eyes open wide to take in the new dawn and day. We are alive. Yes. Very much alive. 

Though there were so many creatures around, time and space felt quiet and still. People were walking their dogs and the dogs had smiles. Some were laughing after taking a swim, others just walked along politely. As an older woman said "hello," chills ran up my spine and through my arms and legs and I felt an inner peace and connectivity that words just cannot describe.  There were many boats on the water but the water was quiet and wrapped them with love and care. A blanket of morning  dew covered the flowers as they soaked up their drink of the sun. The trees stood tall and proud. I walked along in silent observation and realized how natural this was and how much beauty abounds and I had a gratitude-filled heart. My precious baby girl opened her eyes and silently observed, as well. She smiled and took it all in. After a few really hard weeks and relearning the incredible power of our mind, I was brought back to the every day miracles and cycles of life. There was no anger, no tension, just stillness and peace and calm and beauty. This feeling I shall remember and hold onto to keep me going. 

And I encourage you to find that in your every day moments and hold onto that as you move through this tremendous journey we call life. 

Allow yourself the priceless gift of presence. 

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