Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Clever organization tactic

For all those busy moms or working people out there... If you're anything like me you sometimes struggle with organization, especially of your thoughts and notes or to dos throughout the day. 

With so much to do and remember, always on the go, I often find myself texting myself notes to my computer for reference at a later time. It seems like a great idea. And it works sometimes. But then - remembering a thought or note from weeks prior can be rather grueling to dig up. Scanning hundreds or even thousands of messages in search of "the one."  On occasion my search turns up fruitless. 

I was sending myself some notes tonight. And then. An aha moment. How about a new twist on an already invented system?  Yes. It occurred to me tonight to take twitter's hashtag system and apply it to my own jumbled "tweets" of life. So clever, I thought to myself.

With a hashtag or symbol, I - or you - can easily search your computer or iPad or whatever device you use for something you want to find. 

For example- I often send myself songs or lyrics to look up on iTunes. Easy enough ... #song.  Notes I want to incorporate into my developing book ... #book.  Something I want to remember to buy.. #shop.  Nice. Simple. And oh so clever. 

I bet I will never lose a note, or thought, again! 

Unless I forget the hashtag :)

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